Evolution Lacrosse




Rockhurst High School

9301 State Line Rd, Kansas City, MO 64114


3:00 - 4:00 PM

➤ Dates


April 7th - May 12th

➤ who

Boys and Girls: K-3rd Grade

➤ Cost

New Players: $150

Returning Players: $125

Develop your skills to unleash your greatest potential.

Evolution Lacrosse 2019 Springs Sessions

are now open for registration! 

Learn to play lacrosse classes:

Evolution Lacrosse's Learn to Play Program (L2P) is an introductory level program directed toward K-3rd Grade Boys and Girls to teach them how to pass, catch, cradle, dodge, shoot & gather ground balls. It is delivered in an educational, engaging and fun fashion developed by Program Director Tim Reidy in conjunction with our talented coaching staff.

Evolution Lacrosse is a proud adopter of the US Lacrosse Athletic Development Model (LADM). The LADM increases both the learning and fun for young athletes, by delivering a lacrosse program that is physically, cognitively, emotionally and socially appropriate. The LADM increases both the learning and fun for young athletes.  When kids are having fun, they are learning, and when they learn, they improve. In short, Evolution Lacrosse is about the kids.